Who's Who

The following Friends are appointed to roles within TCAM for 2024:

AM Clerks:  Dorothy Willis, Susan Wood   

Custodianship of Records: Kate Allcock

Registering Officer: Richard Waldmeyer

Elders: Muriel Calderon, Richard Morgan, Cairine Fotheringham, Lorraine Herring, Sarah Siddle, Kay West 

Nominations: David Simpson, Lorna Jones, Mike Day, Mary Wilkinson

Property Working Group: Graham Easterlow, Margot Lunnon, Helen Whittington, Richard Morgan, Richard, Short.

DBS and Safeguarding lead: Jane Booth

Deputy Safeguarding officer: Graham Easterlow

Pastoral Care team: Denise Hewitt, Annie Peart, Rob Tucker, Jennifer Warden, Jane Nicholls, Lorna Jones, Mary Garrett, Mike Day, Diana Collecott 

Trustees: Graham Easterlow (Treasurer), Margot Lunnon (Clerk), Richard Morgan, Mark Sheffield, Dorothy Willis.  

Meeting for Sufferings Reps: Mary Wilkinson YM - 2024
Alternate – David Simpson YM - 2024

Northern Friends Peace Board Rep: Raymond Chadwick 

Quaker Life Representative Council: Jennifer Warden 

Reeth School Trust: Jane Nicholls, Dorothy Willis, Barbara Windle, Patrick Neill, Susan Neill 

Newsletter Editors: Mike Day, Lorna Jones

Northern Friends Youth Events Trust: Jennifer Warden 

Ackworth School General Meeting: Dorothy Ainsworth 

Death & Dying Support Group: Muriel Calderon, Cairine Fotheringham, Lucinda Stuart, Annie Peart, Sheila Dunstone

Children's Work Advocate: Jennifer Warden